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Accident Protocols 

Statement of Intent

These are the accident protocols for:

South Cambridgeshire Equestrian Centre

In the event of a rider of falling from a horse:

  • If the rider is clearly unhurt and not displaying any signs of injury they may remount, it may be necessary to swap horses.

  • Any potential injuries will be assessed by the duty first aider and appropriate medical attention advised.

  • If there is any chance of a head injury, riders should not remount, they should be observed and/or advised to seek medical assistance.

  • All accidents will be recorded in the yard accident book and, if required, reported to RIDDOR

Riding Out Code of Conduct and Emergency Protocols 


Any rides leaving the main yard should follow the following protocols.

We advise that, if riding out unaccompanied, that a text or whatsapp message be sent to Christian (07712 033862) or James (07973 871580) detailing anticipated route and expected return time.


Carry a fully charged mobile phone.

Staff Escorts will carry a portable first aid kit .

Hi-Viz to be worn by all riders and leaders

Someone should remain at yard to provide assistance if required.

Escorts should have first aid training and Riding and Road Safety Training

Emergency numbers: Christian 07712033862, James 07973871580

The following apps may be of use in the event of an incident.


BHS ‘report an incident’

HORSEi – app

What3words -app

When riding on the road Highway Code guidelines should be maintained.

What 3 Words (Main Gates) -  Simply / Sublime / Onions

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