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Complaints Policy 

 The purpose of this complaint policy is to enable clients or staff to be fully informed upon the process by which any complaints received by the Centre will be managed.  It aims to ensure that all complaints received are responded to in a manner which reassures the person making the complaint that complaints are managed in an appropriate and timely manner.

 It is recognised that complaints may provide a business with a valuable opportunity to identify any short comings in the service provided to both clients and staff.


How to make a complaint?

Complaints may be made directly in person, by telephone, by email or in writing and this policy outlines the procedure to be followed if a complaint is received.


Who do I complain to?

Any complaint should be made to either of the following personnel: Christian Rawoo (Main Instructor) or James Shepherd (Business Manager / Child Protection Officer)


If a complaint relates to allegation of ill treatment of a child or adult at risk, then the Centres (or BHS) Safeguarding Policy will be followed. This will include reporting the concern to the BHS Safeguarding Team.


When a complaint is received

The following details of a complaint are recorded:

  • Name of complainant and contact details

  • Date of receipt

  • Nature of complaint


Complaint details will only be circulated to those with direct need to be informed upon the complaint.  Complainant details will be deleted from the complaint when the complaint is closed, prior to the complaint being logged.


Responding to a complaint

The centre will acknowledge receipt of the complaint within 2 working days

Depending upon the nature of the complaint, the Centre may choose either of the following options;

  • to telephone/meet with the complainant to discuss the complaint before initiating any investigation

  • initiate an investigation to ascertain the facts

  • respond to the complainant upon the outcome of the complaint, eg upheld or not within 5 working days. 

In situations whereby the complaint may require further time allowance to enable further investigation then the Centre  will inform the complainant.


Upon closure of investigation, the Centre will initiate appropriate action in response to the complaint.


Details of the investigation and any resulting outcome will be recorded in the complaints log.

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