Our COVID-19 Response

What We're Doing

Updated 22nd March 2021

According to proposed lockdown easing measures organised riding instruction can resume from 29th March 2021.  Enquiries via our contact form please


The following protocols are applicable outside of current restrictions.



Advice and guidance is conditional based upon the criteria set by government and is therefore subject to change.

We have implemented some procedures to avoid unnecessary spread or risk of infection and ask all visitors, livery and riding school clients to follow these steps:


Avoiding Unnecessary Numbers

     We are fortunate to have sufficient space to practice effective social distancing but this must be managed.


 We are asking adult riding school clients, where possible, to travel independently. If this is not possible we ask that only adult riders attending lessons enter the yard areas. Spectating is permissible, by one accompanying adult only, around the arenas whilst maintaining sufficient social distances .


 Children should be accompanied by one adult only in the yard areas. Other accompanying adults or siblings may spectate around the arenas whilst maintaining sufficient social distances. Children not on lessons MUST remain with their accompanying adult at all times and ONLY around the arenas. 

 For the protection and safety of our staff and volunteers we ask that for novice riders the attending parent be available to assist with mounting, dismounting and leading of the pony if necessary and we therefore ask that appropriate attire and footwear be worn.

Hand Washing

      Hand washing facilities are available within the reception areas. We are asking EVERYONE  to follow WHO hand-washing protocols. Hands MUST be washed upon arrival. 

Riding Attire (especially gloves)

     We are asking all riders to ensure that clean riding attire is worn for every lesson. This is especially important for gloves which come in to contact with reins, saddles and buckles. Disposable gloves are available upon request.

Sanitising Stations

 We have set up sanitising stations around the yard. Our staff and volunteers are fully briefed on ensuring that equipment , tack and other touchpoints are sanitised at regular intervals. Please follow instructions on the yard procedures.


 Payment must be made in advance / at the time of booking. This can be done via the website or by card at the yard using contactless. In the event of payments being over the contactless limit of £45 we will process this as a 'customer not present' rather than utilise chip and pin.

Display of Symptoms

      Government advice states that anyone feeling unwell, displaying symptoms or who has been in close proximity to others displaying symptoms should self-isolate. We ask that clients respect this policy. Our lesson cancellation policy will NOT apply in this instance. 

 Thankyou for your understanding, We're looking forward to seeing you soon.